Speed Training Methods for Cycling

Toronto bike shop owners might want to consider speed training methods for cycling. You might not be able to take your bike out for a spin, but you can do other things that will help you stay in shape. Here are some of the methods you should try first.

Indoor vs Outdoor Training. Riding indoors or outdoors is very important. The more comfortable you are with it, the better you will be at controlling the bike. Try taking a bicycle ride outside instead of riding it on the road. You will find that it will feel very different.

Hill Climbs Training. Get into some speed training by doing hill climbs. Doing a bike ride to just a small incline will help you get into some of the muscle and cardiovascular conditioning. Plus, you won’t have to worry about getting hurt by doing hills.

Flat Surface Training. Different types of hills will help you prepare for one another. Try to ride on a flat surface so that you can get in some long rides. If you can, try to climb hills on different days. That way you can train against what is normal. Make sure that you make a few hours of steady riding every week.

Warm-ups. Before you go for a ride, you should warm-up and stretch your muscles before you start the maximum workout. You should warm up in order to increase your oxygen flow. Also, this will help you to speed up your heart rate. You should also stretch to increase your flexibility and control.

Intensity Pacing. If you are a beginner to speed training, you should start with a slow ride. You will need to become comfortable with the intensity and pace before you go for a higher level. You should keep your heart rate between eighty and ninety percent of your maximum during a slow ride. When you are riding a difficult route that includes a steep uphill, you should be very careful. You should never go faster than you can handle. Even though you may think that you can, your heart will struggle to match your pace.

Toronto bike shop owners should add speed training methods for cycling to their rider’s tips. These might seem like they are not much fun, but they will help you build up your endurance, speed, and flexibility. You will be healthier and ride longer when you incorporate them.